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Jean-Paul GAUD becomes the exclusive importer of DIAM corks in Switzerland.

19 January 2024

[ Press release ]

Diam Bouchage, world leader in technological cork stoppers, has signed a new distribution partnership for the Swiss market.

Diam Bouchage, world leader in technological cork stoppers, has signed a new distribution partnership for the Swiss market. The French brand has chosen Jean-Paul Gaud SA as its new exclusive distributor for all its Diam corks for still wines, Mytik for sparkling wines, Setop for spirits and its Origine by Diam bio-sourced range. 

A brand that is already well established in the Swiss market

Diam corks have been distributed in Switzerland for almost twenty years and now sell around 40 million corks a year in this market.

Inventor of the guaranteed cork stopper without cork drip in the early 2000s, the cork maker offers a range renowned for its sensory neutrality, mechanical performance and precise control of oxygen intake during bottle ageing.

Particularly appreciated by the finest Swiss wines, Diam corks have already won over many top-of-the-range Swiss estates. 


A partnership serving the Swiss wine industry

The teams at Diam Bouchage and Jean-Paul Gaud SA share the same human values, a passion for wine and a commitment to quality products. So it was a natural step for the two companies to join forces to offer the best possible corking solutions and local customer service.

JP Gaud SA has been specialising in the finishing and distribution of corks since 1937. It has a marking unit on its premises that perfectly meets Diam Bouchage's quality requirements (validated by audit), enabling Diam corks to be distributed under the best possible conditions.


Its sales team, which is very active in the field, was trained by Diam experts in December on the technical characteristics of Diam products, as well as on the impact of corking on wine ageing, so that it can provide Swiss winegrowers with the best possible advice. 


Diam Bouchage : 

Diam Bouchage, a French company based in the Pyrénées Orientales, produces and markets over 2 billion corks every year. As the inventor of supercritical CO2 cork cleaning in the early 2000s, Diam Bouchage uses its know-how and the reliability of its DIAMANT® process to provide peace of mind to winegrowers, with corks that have been free from the risk of "cork taint" for over 20 years (TCA≤ at the quantification limit of 0.3 ng/l). It offers a range of cork stoppers capable of meeting the different needs of the market in terms of oxygen supply for optimised wine ageing. The cork stopper is thus the winegrower's last oenological act. 


Jean Paul GAUD SA : 

The GAUD family business was founded in 1937 by Paul GAUD, and 3 generations later, it is active throughout Switzerland and in the most important French wine-growing regions. In the 1960s, the development of bottling enabled Michel GAUD to expand his activities into high-quality corking thanks to a rigorous selection of producers. Bringing together tradition and modernity, Jean-Paul GAUD has been running the company since 1992. Jean-Paul GAUD SA aims to be a dynamic player and to put its skills at the service of a highly demanding Swiss and French wine-making clientele.