Setop Diam bouchon

Setop Diam, the taylor-made solution


Range for spirits

The Setop Diam closure is an integral part of your packaging and contributes to the story you want to tell through the choice of shape, material and colour of the closure. Taylor-made and reliable, it fits all your bottles. 

Setop Diam bouchon

A requirement for spirits

A dedicated design department develops your Setop Diam cork, specifically adapted to each bottle profile for optimal fit and resistance to successive openings. 

All our micro-agglomerated corks bear the Setop Diam guarantee. They offer absolutely unrivaled organoleptic neutrality and a perfect homogeneity from one cork to the next in order to offer optimal storage conditions.

For the classic range as well as the Element corks, Setop Diam brings to your product a know-how and expertise to design outstanding tailored closures, capable of meeting each and every one of your requirements.

An unmatched micro-agglomerated cork shank

  • Sensory security - DIAMANT® supercritical CO2 process with differentiated pressure. No cork taint cork to cork guarantee
  • Consistent cork rebound for an optimal bottling experience and no risk of oxidation.
  • No capillary rise. Zero alcohol penetration: the cork retains its durability over time. 
  • No dust or floaters for a greater quality end product.
  • Reliable opening torque: resistance to multiple handling with zero risk of breakage 

A wide choice of tops

From the simplest to the most complex: various tones of wood, metal, zamak, plastic or any other material of your liking.
Our teams are here to serve your imagination and create a cork that perfectly renders your vision, customized by using a range of techniques including laser engraving, embossing and stamping..

Discover Setop Element: the  bartop closure that upcycles your raw materials

The head, made from materials usually considered as naturally-occurring waste from spirit making (whisky distillers’ grains, apple pomace, lavender pomace, wood shavings, etc.), is a remarkable technological, aesthetic and environmental breakthrough.