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Diam Bouchage designs technological cork closures for each of your wines.

World leader in cork closures, we market products for still and sparkling wines and spirits. We respect the environment and the winemaker's work. 

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By offering cork stoppers whose oxygen input we know how to regulate, we are providing winemakers with the possibility of refining their creations from A to Z. Their choice of formulation for the closure heralds the engagement they will have with their wine. This is an important choice that requires careful reflection as it will ensure the preservation and enhancement of years of painstaking work and patient anticipation: an authentic enological act that contributes to the winemaker’s signature. DIAM has been working with this objective for 20 years.

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Diam's guarantee to serve your wine


The DIAMANT® process ensures deep cleaning using supercritical CO2 at differentiated pressure. This process, still unique on the market, eliminates all TCA particles responsible for cork taint (releasable TCA ≤ 0.3 ng/l). It guarantees unrivalled sensory neutrality for each individual cork.


A specific manufacturing technology ensures the same physical characteristics for all corks in each range. This guarantees perfect consistency on the bottling line, and even aging of the wine in the bottle.


Diam and Mytik Diam corks are designed to meet all expectations in terms of wine evolution, varietal expression and ageing time. Available in different levels of permeability, they enable precise control of oxygen transfer and its consistency, year after year, throughout the wine's life in the bottle.

A closure for every wine

Diam Bouchage offers you the best quality closures, adapted to the specific needs of your wines and spirits. Discover our complete range of products, with options for permeability, dimensions and marking, in each of our product lines.

Still wines

Diam Mytik bouchon

Sparkling wines

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Find out more about our bio-sourced option 

We offer you all the Diam guarantees in the Origine by Diam range of corks. Bio-sourced, eco-designed and committed to biodiversity, they enable you to promote your agro-ecological and responsible choices.

World leader in technological cork closures

  • 2 billion cork closures sold every year
  • leader in technological cork closures for 20 years
  • 652 employees worldwide
  • more than 16,000 active customers
  • distributed in over 80 countries
  • 80% export sales

Diam Bouchage is a subsidiary of Oeneo, a group working in the world of wine through two divisions: winemaking (Seguin Moreau – Vivelys) and closures (Diam Bouchage).