Unwavering in our Diam guarantees

For each of our ranges, we offer cork closures that provide perfect consistency from one bottle to the next and precise management of the oxygen levels required by your wine. Thanks to the DIAMANT® process, they also offer unrivalled sensory neutrality.  With more than 20 billion bottles corked over the last 20 years, our company is unwavering in its guarantees: Clean, Consistency, Choice.


Cork to cork neutrality

Cork to cork Neutrality

Since its launch in 2004, our exclusive DIAMANT® cork cleaning process has never failed. Our corks offer unrivalled sensory security. Freed of the volatile compounds and molecules that cause organoleptic deviations, every closure  is guaranteed to have no detectable releasable TCA (≤ 0.3 ng/l) and to preserve the development of your wine's aromas in the bottle. 

A unique technology

The DIAMANT® process thoroughly cleans cork using supercritical CO2 with differentiated pressure. This process, which is still unique on the market, eliminates all TCA particles as well as 150 other molecules naturally present in cork, thanks to a solvent- and-chemical-free treatment that respects the environment.



Identical replicability

On the bottling line, nothing is left to chance. You need perfect consistency Our Diam, Mytik Diam and Setop Diam closures guarantee it. Physical characteristics, mechanical properties, and technical performances are identically replicated for each type of cork. Our specific manufacturing technology also enables us to precisely control the oxygen transfer of each closure, year after year, and thus guarantee perfect consistency from bottle to bottle.


Master oxygen and time

Master oxygen and time

Each bottle of wine has a life unto itself, its own development, related to varietal expression, the wine making process, and your vision of its ageing. It’s up to you to decide how much oxygen your wine will need in the months and years ahead. 

By offering different levels of permeability, our corks for still and sparkling wines help you to control this critical factor. Our ranges also offer different mechanical guarantee periods to ensure the preservation of your bottled wine for 2, 3, 5, 10 or 30 years. 

Diam and oxygen: a breath of innovation

How can you control the amount of oxygen authorised by the cork over time, and its effects during ageing of the wine? Our R&D teams have been very active in this area of research and innovation for many years. To this end, Diam Bouchage is associated with the work of the world’s leading oenology research centers.

Depending on the characteristics of each wine, the development of its desired aromatic profile, its oenological history and its sensitivity to oxygen, we provide you with a wide range of data and options to help you make the best oenological choice.

To extend the range of products available to you, our research is paving the way to custom permeability.

A unique manufacturing process

Diam products, Mytik Diam and Setop Diam, are cork stoppers whose unique manufacturing technology ensures incomparable sensory neutrality and perfect homogeneity from one stopper to the next. Each recipe is designed to ensure the perfectly controlled evolution of your wines.