Our ranges of cork closures for still wines, sparkling wines and spirits.

From the United States to Oceania, via France and Argentina, our Diam closures entice, reassure, and retain. Discover our complete offer, with options covering permeability, dimensions, and markings...

a closure for every wine

Still wines

Thanks to a comprehensive range of products, you can choose the cork with the characteristics best suited to the aromatic profile of your wine.

Sparkling wines

With 2 different levels of permeability, Mytik Diam corks are acclaimed for their sensory neutrality and their ability to preserve the freshness of your wines, thanks to perfectly controlled oxygenation.


The Setop Diam cork is an integral part of the packaging, contributing to the story that spirits houses wish to tell through their choice of shape, material and color. 

We offer our customers corks made from cork harvested in France, demonstrating our particular commitment to the environment and the local economy.

A unique manufacturing process

Diam products, Mytik Diam and Setop Diam, are cork stoppers whose unique manufacturing technology ensures incomparable sensory neutrality and perfect homogeneity from one stopper to the next. Each recipe is designed to ensure the perfectly controlled evolution of your wines.