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DIAM, a closure of choice!

10 June 2024

On this significant milestone, Diam Bouchage reaffirms a distinct vision and identity, namely a manufacturer of the future who combines authentic know-how and technological innovation. From the outset, Diam considered itself as the veritable guardian of aromas, a position recognized by winemakers, sommeliers, and consumers globally with whom Diam Bouchage shares a mutual passion for wine, and a love of things done well.


The Diam revolution, consistency and the end of cork taint.

Cork is a fantastic natural material that has always been popular for its elastic properties and capacity to conserve wine over several decades by providing it with the respiration necessary for its development in the bottle. However, cork poses several issues: possible organoleptic contamination (cork taint) and heterogeneity discrepancies leading to wine development that is sometimes too slow but more often too rapid (premature oxidation). 

In 2004, Diam Bouchage revolutionized the use of cork closures with groundbreaking technological innovations. 

Its DIAMANT® process ensures deep cork cleaning thanks to the use of supercritical CO2 at differentiated pressures. This process is still unique in the market. It eliminates all TCA particles and many more molecules naturally present in the cork thanks to a solvent-free, non-chemical treatment that is respectful of the environment. Closures purified in this way display unrivalled organoleptic neutrality* and best preserve the development of aromas in the bottled wine. 

An innovation whose unmatched reliability still resonates as a paradigm shift in the world of wine: cork taint stopped being a concern 20 years ago for those who adopted Diam!


Diam Bouchage, the instigator of a new tradition.

The pioneering company now sets the standards. Diam Bouchage also possesses specific manufacturing technology that enables the oxygen transfer to be precisely controlled in each closure, year after year, thus guaranteeing perfect consistency from one bottle to another. 

This incomparable process has made the closure more than a simple esthetic choice, but a genuine enological tool at the service of winemakers, who can now choose the oxygen input that is best suited to the aromatic profile of their wine and its desired cellaring time. 

The company provides numerous data and options for winemakers, enabling them to make the best choice for what they wish their wine to develop into. A choice that takes into account the characteristics of each wine, the development of the aromatic profile, the wine’s cellaring requirements, its enological journey and sensitivity to oxygen.

“Everything, from the vine to the glass, is a question of knowledge and decisions. Going well beyond a simple technical gesture, choosing the right closure is truly an enological act. It’s a new tradition that has now become firmly established with our clients, who day after day, through their vines, cellars and wineries, write unique narratives in which we play a role.” Dominique TOURNEIX, CEO Diam Bouchage.


Diam Bouchage and the winemakers, a naturally inseparable duo

The company, its teams and winemakers share so much more than just customer relation, as they work together at nature’s tempo, guided by their experience: it is their choices that make all the difference. 

Selecting the best of what nature can offer, 

Patiently harvesting the fruits of time, 

Transforming raw materials, 

And creating something unique. 

By embracing values that have long been conveyed by the world of wine, Diam Bouchage aspires to be a company close to those who routinely chart new courses to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

Fully engaged in research and innovation, Diam Bouchage is committed to supporting the authentic elaboration of a cuvee and envisaging, alongside winemakers, the future of enological tools which contribute to the pleasure of wine lovers.