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Leaflet Origine by Diam

Thanks to your trust, Diam Bouchage is the world leader in technological cork stoppers. We design, produce and market products for still and sparkling wines and spirits.


Leaflet Setop Diam

A dedicated design department develops your Setop Diam cork, specifically adapted to each bottle profile for optimal fit and resistance to successive openings.

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DIAMANT® Technology

With the DIAMANT® process, we have invented in the early 2000s a cork stopper guaranteed against cork taint. This was, quite simply, a revolution!


Carbon footprint

Diam Bouchage, world leader in technological cork stoppers, was the first cork producer to undertake a greenhouse gas emissions assessment in 2007.


Diam Bouchage CSR commitments

Diam Bouchage is now a key player in the wine sector. We aim to offer our customers both technically perfect products and the certainty of working with a responsible and committed supplier.

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